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Macon Asset Protection Attorney

Developing Legal Strategies To Protect Your Hard-Earned Assets

Jen Haskins Law, LLC, will work closely with you to develop an effective and thorough asset protection plan to safeguard your hard-earned property and estate. Asset protection goes hand in hand with estate planning, and it is critical to create a strong asset protection plan to protect against future complications, such as if a creditor files a claim against you. Attorney Jennifer Moore recognizes that you have worked hard all your life to cultivate valuable assets for you and your loved ones, and she will make sure that these assets are protected now and in the future.

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What Is Asset Protection?

Asset protection involves making sure that your assets (e.g., stocks, bank accounts, businesses, property) are protected from creditors, seizure, divorce, taxation, bankruptcy and a range of other collection actions. In brief, asset protection is the process of protecting your wealth and assets through financial planning strategies to keep your assets safe legally (that is, not through illegal methods like concealment of assets or fraud). It is a good idea to cultivate an asset protection plan early so that you can be better prepared if a liability arises and to protect against claims against you.


Asset Protection Strategies

There are several different ways you can protect your assets, including:

  • Creating a will. You can instruct the specific ways you would like your assets and estate to be handled once you are gone, protecting against family disputes or creditor seizure, as you will also appoint a personal representative (executor) in your will who will oversee all these matters.
  • Funding a trust. You can place your assets in a trust with named beneficiaries so that the assets will transfer to the beneficiaries directly after you pass. This can help to avoid disputes over vague or unattended assets when you’re gone.
  • Enrolling in insurance policies. Insurance policies can protect your assets in cases of accidents or lawsuits. Being underinsured may leave you vulnerable to certain legal actions.

Do not hesitate to get started on your asset protection plan today. If you do not take the appropriate steps to safeguard your property and assets, you could be dangerously vulnerable to creditors and court judgments that might impact your holdings.

Jennifer Moore will lend an experienced hand as she helps you build a comprehensive asset protection plan alongside your estate plan. Jen Haskins Law, LLC, provides a complete suite of estate services that can prove advantageous to protecting your hard-earned assets for yourself and your loved ones far into the future. Don’t let your assets slip out of your hands when you can build a formidable legal shield around them.

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